A Swiss Alpine Adventure – Part 2

The next day we drove to Davos Klosters, a former monastery-turned-alpine village, which was a 20-minute ride from Davos. We planned to ski a more ambitious 16km route. And we hoped our legs wouldn’t rebel against us.

Davos Klosters was the less touristy, smaller version of Davos with a river that wound its way through the town and into the wilderness as mountains loomed in the distance.

Our track started in the village and gradually took us out into the wilderness. Once again, I felt like we had entered a winter postcard. There was no birdsong we could hear, just a preternatural quiet amid the towering pine forests and mountains looming behind them.

As we neared the halfway point (8km mark), we were famished. With one last push up a hill, we arrived at a restaurant perched on top. We watched the snow fall lightly outside as we ate meat and cheese sandwiches and drank hot chocolate, mulled cider, and wine.

Soon enough it was time to tackle the second leg of our trail. Almost immediately, we skied uphill into a pine forest that then led to several gut-wrenching, downhill sections. There were a few signs near the trail that told skiers to slow down and be cautious.

I shouldn’t have ignored them. I wiped out several times on my way down some tight bends in the trail. Rache, Mark, and Sarah had their share of wipe-outs too. Rache claimed that one of them was due to my blocking her path at one point, which I would dispute somewhat.

Regardless, we made great time on our way back to Davos Klosters. After two harrowing descents, we only had 2 km left on our trail. We skied over a bridge and passed by log cabins perched on the side of the hill. This would be an ideal place for a winter retreat.

After we arrived back at the beginning, we popped our boots off, grabbed our skis, and walked back to the car. There were other skiers just beginning the route, some people hiking trails with their dog, and a group of boys playing hockey on an ice rink. People here knew how to enjoy winter.

Back in Davos, we returned our skis and boots to the sports shop and went back to Zentrum Haus to shower and rest. For dinner, we ate at Lokal, an upscale burger joint with a pool table for those waiting on orders.

Most of us ordered burgers, and I devoured my pulled pork burger with onions, radishes, pickles, grilled vegetables, and a cucumber sauce drizzled on top. After the hearty meal, we hurriedly walked back to our hotel. When it’s -10C, you don’t want to linger long outside.

Back in the hotel’s common room, we got out our Monopoly Deal pack and played some marathon games. Other lodgers had various games of their own, and several were cooking pots of soup and pasta in the kitchen.

I was content with my peppermint tea and chocolate bread. That night I won twice. It was a good end to the day. Tomorrow we would tackle another winter sport – mountain sledging.

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