East Meets West – Day 2

Woke up at 2am today. Then at 4am. Then at 5am. I love jet lag.

桂兰 and I had breakfast together and then went to a bank so I could get some money. It took a lot longer than I expected. I had to open up a bank account with them in order to get Chinese RMB (a bit of a hassle).

Later, we visited the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, a traditional academic temple built in the late 1800s. Everywhere we went there were intricate sculptures. It seemed like the Chinese could sculpt something from nearly any material they wanted to: jade, gold, pearl, wood, stone. Some of the sculptures were so intricate I wondered how these artisans had learned such a skill. Some of it must have been natural talent. It’s easy to forget that these objects were made at least a hundred years ago. No computers back then. And machines could only help so much. Back then, there were master craftsmen.

After visiting the Chen Clan Hall, we went to a mall nearby to relax. Drank some milk tea. Good stuff except for those black tapioca balls at the bottom. Too many and too chewy. For dinner, we met two other friends at a restaurant. We enjoyed our dinner (It’s always more enjoyable when the hosts pay for the meal). Towards the end of the meal, my body was shot. It was around 8pm, and my brain didn’t want to think anymore.

I got the subtle hints and headed back to the hostel. Time to sleep.

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