A Broken World

This world is a messed-up place. I wouldn’t call myself a news maven, but I do try to keep up with current events. And it’s usually quite depressing. Brazilians accusing the government of corruption before the World Cup begins in their backyard, Syrians killing each other in a prolonged civil war, pro-Russian Ukrainians shooting fellow Ukrainians, terrorists murdering innocent villagers in Western China, and Vietnamese rioting in the streets against Chinese aggression. And that’s just one day of news.

Some proponents of evolution have said that as we continue to evolve, society will become a utopia where people will peacefully coexist with each other. No more war. No more racism. And no more hatred. But that’s a world that will never be. I’d like to think it would happen some day. But it won’t, and it can’t. Because we are naturally selfish, prideful people who want our own way. We care most about ourselves, and we want the best for ourselves. And other people have no right to tell us what we can or cannot do.

If we all lived like we thought, we would become despotic anarchists. But for the most part, we restrain our selfish desires in order to function in society. Some have called the millennial generation the most self-centered generation. Now that may be a bit of an overstatement. But this world does cater to our supposed needs. TV ads clamor for us to buy the latest product because we deserve it, Facebook lets us livestream our life to the world, and our smartphones dictate our daily routines.

Sometimes there are acts of good in this world. But they are often overshadowed by the evil in this life. Wars and genocide generously provide plenty of work for non-profit organizations. But if these atrocities never began, then we would not need Red Cross. We would live in a world of peace and harmony. But aside from some idyllic pop songs, that world does not exist.

But I still have hope. Because I know that one day the One who created this world will right all wrongs and create a newer, better world. One without sorrow and pain and darkness. One filled with light and joy and goodness. It’s a world I could only dream about, and one that will shatter my greatest fantasies. Because God, the creator of all, will rule over this world. That will be a great day.

Now I’m sure some of you may say I’m deluding myself or believing foolish fairy tales I should have dismissed long ago. But I encourage you to look at yourselves, the intricate, complex organism that you are, and to look at nature, its diversity and complexity. Science has explained much, but it will never irrefutably tell us how life began or why we exist. And I think it is arrogant not to consider the possibility that some higher being created all that there is.

I believe that being is God, our Creator and our Deliverer. This world isn’t getting any better, no matter how many times people cry for peace on this earth. But one day He will come. And when He comes, He will rid the world of evil and rule its people justly. And that is why I have hope in a hopeless, broken world.


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